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Our service for property owners

You’re not selling just anything – don’t hire just anyone

Rely on our well-thought-out and comprehensive all-round service when selling your property. With over 800 offices in 64 countries on all five continents and more than 17,000 property consultants, we offer much more than “just” our decades of experience in the successful selling of flats and houses.

In particular through a unique system of real estate appraisal – free of charge to you – we provide purchasing security for Sotheby´s buyers and sellers.

Aside from that, the services of Sotheby´s International Realty also secure you crucial advantages on the way to successful marketing of your property. And better yet, we provide all our services without initial cost and based entirely on performance.

An overview of our services for property owners:

Sotheby´s seal of quality: Listing your property in our offering lends it international flair.

The global Sotheby´s network and the “white globe” assistance program bring together renowned buyers and sellers worldwide. A service offered only by Sotheby´s International Realty.

Cooperation with Sotheby´s auction houses facilitates targeted access to well-respected potential buyers.

›  A premium, informative property brochure is prepared. We don’t just list your property online, we continuously optimize in order to craft the best target-group message.

›  We advertise where it is most effective and make sure online and print media match. Every property gets an individually crafted, international media plan.

›  We also offer, upon request, an especially discreet type of marketing. Talk to us.


›  If needed: referral of appraisers, attorneys, notary publics, interpreters, etc.

›  Comprehensive viewing service

›  Support of sales negotiations: Price setting and negotiation, credit assessment, reservations and preapproach, completion of sale until appointment of notarization

›  The buyer’s bank needs thousands of documents? We know how to handle that, we look after you because it is also part of our job.

›  After-sales service: handover of property, procurement of moving and personal assistance service, leasing management, if needed.

› Zahlreiche andere Vermarktungsmaßnahmen

› Auf Wunsch ist auch eine besonders diskrete Vermarktung möglich. Sprechen Sie  uns an.

› Bei Bedarf: Vermittlung von Gutachtern, Anwälten, Notaren, Dolmetschern etc.

› Umfassender Besichtigungs-Service:

› Kein Immobilientourismus, sondern Vorqualifizieren möglicher Käufer: Wir prüfen wir genau, was der Interessent sucht und wie es um seine Bonität bestellt ist. So bringen wir nur solvente Kunden, die wirklich zu Ihrer Immobilie passen. Dabei hilft uns unsere aktuelle Datenbank mit vielen vorgemerkten Kunden.

› Übernahme der Termin-Koordination

› Begleitung der Besichtigungen

› regelmäßiges Feedback

› Unterstützung der Verkaufsverhandlungen: Preisargumentation und Verhandlungen, Bonitätsprüfung, Reservierungen und Vertragsvorbereitungen, Verkaufsabwicklung bis zum Notartermin

› Die Bank des Käufers braucht 1000 Unterlagen? Damit kennen wir uns aus, darum kümmern wir uns für Sie, denn: Auch das ist unser Job.

› After-Sales-Service: Übergabe der Immobilie, Vermittlung von Umzugs- und Begleitservice, ggfs. Übernahme der Vermietung