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Home buying in Cologne

How can I find my dream home?

“Location, location, location” is one of the most important rules when buying a home in Cologne. Location has a direct influence on the value of a property. Lower priced, medium-range and more desirable (Classes A, B and C) locations are usually differentiated – but what makes a desirable location in Cologne? The selection criteria depend significantly on who is buying the home. But there are certainly location criteria which always apply. These include good transport connections to the center of Cologne and comprehensive infrastructure with schools, kindergartens and supermarkets.

What do I need to look for when buying a home in Cologne?

Anyone looking for a safe investment put their money into real estate. As to location and condition when buying a home, as well as any other considerations – the team at Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne stands by you in word and deed.
To provide you with an initial overview, we have compiled a checklist of everything that plays into the acquisition of real estate.
Or go ahead and get started with the search. Enter in the search box whether you are looking to buy a home or searching for other real estate. If you don’t find what you are looking for under current listings in Cologne, the team at Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne would be glad to take your call, since not all properties are listed online.


Anyone looking to buy a home must take much into consideration. In addition to the appearance and condition of the potential home, the financial framework is also crucial. The team at Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne has compiled the most important rules for you when acquiring real estate in Cologne:

First of all, determine the financial leeway available to you for buying a home. The experts at your financial institution will be glad to answer any questions. You can also get an initial overview by using a construction loan calculator.

Where is your dream home in Cologne? That, of course, depends entirely on your preferred surroundings. When starting a family you would rather buy a home in a child-friendly area. If you are single you might be looking for places to socialize. And for those not from Cologne and new to it, the specialists at Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne are glad to help. Together with you they will hash out whether to consider homes in the coveted Müngersdorf, Braunsfeld, Junkersdorf, Lindenthal, and Marienburg areas, or in the city center. Or if you might better buy a home in the periphery. Talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you!

How are the transport connections of your future home? How long are your commute times, how far is shopping? For many potential home buyers the proximity of public transportation can be decisive.

First impressions matter for homes, too. When you see a property which you would like to buy, remodel or lease, you sense almost immediately if you like the home and would feel at home there. At Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne you will find real estate with that Special Something and that ‘clicks’ with you right away. Of course the purchase of a home should, above all, be a rational decision made after due consideration. In this case, the consultants at Sotheby´s International Realty Cologne are your competent partners.